Mezzanine & Storage Platform Systems


Why Allied Caster Mezzanines

Allied Caster has been providing best-in-class materials for all your warehouse needs since 1989. We work hard to earn and keep your business by offering high-quality products and custom solutions. We extend this same level of care and expertise to our steel mezzanines. Using the latest technology and materials, our team will get to work building a storage platform system that will increase your work space, improve efficiency, and save you money.

Lifetime Warranty

Because we’re committed to not only producing an exceptional product, but also displaying excellent customer service and establishing a relationship of trust with our customers, our warehouse mezzanines come with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee that your storage platform is built to last and our team is there to make it happen.

More Than Just Storage

While you’re likely considering an industrial mezzanine to increase your capacity and storage space, adding a second story will help you accomplish much more. Your warehouse platform will not only maximize your space, but it will also save you time and money. A steel structural mezzanine does not incur extra heating or ventilation costs, it decreases clutter therefore increasing efficiency, and it is much more economical than building a new construction or moving to a different building. Your warehouse has the vertical space – why not use it to make your production better?

Multi-Use Warehouse Mezzanine  Parts & Inventory Platform Storage System

Our modular components can be configured and built to fit any application (and adapt as your needs change). Whether you want more parts & inventory storage, to increase floor space, to boost the efficiency of your distribution center, conveyor support, or need a multi-purpose warehouse mezzanine, we have you covered. We can even put them in a man-cave, restaurant/bar, or fitness facility!

Here Every Step Of The Way

Choosing Allied Caster for your industrial structure means we’ll work with you from concept to design to installation. We’ll customize a platform system that is uniquely suited to your space and needs, keeping codes, regulations, and safety at the forefront of our efforts. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free complimentary design consultation and we’ll help create a custom solution for you.

Additional Storage Solutions:

Guard Rails
Built for high impact and increased protection.
Cantilever Racking
Handles oddly-shaped items with ease and durability.
High-quality, load-bearing shelving units.










Secure any storage area. Wire mesh keeps your property in sight.
Rack Protection
Protects your investment by securing your structure.
Create storage or work space where it’s needed.











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