Maximize Efficiency and Worker Safety with the Amigo Dex

When trying to get your company to run smoothly, increasing efficiency and productivity should be at the top of your list. Increasing productivity while easing the burden on your employees is even more of a win-win situation. With material handling equipment like the Amigo Dex cart, your employees can have the similar functionalities of forklift, without the need for a special license.

Oftentimes in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, there might be only a few designated people who can use forklifts. This leaves those without licenses to have to manually push and pull items to move them around, and walk across large warehouses.

With the Amigo Dex, that time can be shortened and the manual strain on workers can be lessened. By lessening the physical toll of walking miles every day on a hard concrete floor, and at an adjustable speed of up to 4 mph, the Amigo Dex carts are safe for any worker to use.

At Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, they found that using the Dex Pro allowed their warehouse operator to travel the entire location every 10 minutes between departments. While it typically took him 45 minutes to walk the length of the warehouse one time, he now saves 35 minutes each trip, and can visit departments more frequently. This cut down in time, helps to not only decrease lag time between departments waiting for items to arrive, but also to meet higher product demand.

Even better, all of the Amigo Dex products fit through a standard doorway with a zero-turn or small turn radius. This makes it less cumbersome and easily navigable through tight areas, which is perfect for material handling facilities and retail spaces.

Amigo Dex products also range from a variety of different styles and weight capacities to best fit your needs. From personnel carriers (350 lb cap.) to push/pull carts (550 lb cap.) to stand-up carriers with detachable trailers (1100 lb cap.), there is a cart to help everyone’s job.

All of the Amigo Dex carriers are chargeable and have a 24V battery to extend run time to 6-8 hours on a single charge to maximize work in a typical shift. Many of the models have accessories to customize the carrier to best fit your needs, too. From additional safety add-ons like strobe lights and netting, to extra attachable trailers and trailer shelves, build the carrier that can increase productivity the best for your team.

Ready to see how the Amigo Dex products will take your team to the next level? Reach out to us at Allied Casters and talk to our sales team about your current challenges. Let’s work together to find a solution with the Amigo Dex.