How the Environment Might Affect Your Caster Order

Think about all the different types of car tires. Snow tires to get you through harsh winters safely; all-season tires; donut spare tires, etc. They all serve different purposes.

Industrial casters are no different. You’d be surprised at how many different types of casters there are – and the various purposes they serve. That’s why it’s best to consult the experts before placing your next caster order. Read below to find which caster is perfect for you, or contact us today with any questions you may have!

Your surrounding environment plays a significant role in deciding which caster to purchase. Top environment factors include:


It’s no secret that warehouses, office spaces, and other facilities have different types of flooring. Some warehouses may have rubber flooring, while others may have a cement flooring. It all depends on the nature of the industry.

Casters perform differently on different types of flooring. For example, heavy duty casters may work perfectly on cement, but don’t make sense on carpeted areas. Some lightweight industrial casters may maneuver on hardwood floors, but can’t perform the same on asphalt surfaces.

Scope out where your casters will be at work. Keep in mind that you may have multiple surfaces throughout your facility. Our team will help you decide which type of industrial caster you need.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Unfortunately, people tend to purchase the cheapest casters for indoor use. While this may seem like a good purchase in the short-term, it is not a quality long-term investment. Remember, casters perform differently on different surfaces. There are specific industrial casters for a tiled floor, which are entirely different from wheels made for hardwood floors.

The outdoors may call for heavy duty caster wheels, especially if you’re transporting material across uneven, rugged terrain. Pneumatic casters and shock absorbing casters are ideal for outdoor use, as they boast durability and reliability. Chances are, in order to get outside, you need to travel across a ramp of some sort. Be sure that the heavy duty caster wheels you choose can perform that task.

Surface Dryness

Do your carts, dollies, and other furniture do well when the floor is wet? If not, it’s probably because you chose the wrong casters! While heavy-duty casters perform well under any weather outdoors, they may not be suitable to use indoors. That’s why there are wheels made specifically for wet surfaces; wheels that won’t harm your flooring surface.

Job Duties

Think of your job and work environment. Is it a hectic, fast-paced atmosphere? If so, do your industrial casters keep up?

While we like to think that every occupation is important, think about how quickly equipment and materials have to move in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other emergency facilities. The ability to move people or materials at a fast pace can be the difference between life and death.

Maybe your occupation isn’t in the life-saving field. Chances are that your carts and other furniture have different needs other than speed. They could include fitting into tight spaces which requires a sharp turn radius from your casters, the ability to stop abruptly, or the ability to transport substantial amounts of inventory.


Remember, industrial casters and wheels may all look similar to the naked eye, but they all serve different purposes. Let the experts at Allied Caster help you decide which option is perfect for your facility. Who knows, it could even save a life.