Five Everyday Items That You Forgot Need Casters

What’s the similarity between a medical cart, a trash container, the chair you’re sitting on, and countless other items you encounter every day?


Casters are often forgotten when it comes to these pieces of furniture and equipment. However, none of them could function properly without their respective casters and wheels. America may run on Dunkin’, but the world runs on casters.

Shopping Carts

Think about your local town. How many grocery stores are located there? Now think about how many shopping carts each one has. Every time you go shopping, there are literally thousands of shopping cart casters around you!

Shopping carts make everyone’s life easier (except the employee who has to chase them down in a windstorm). Their entire functionality relies on the durability and versatility of casters. These wheels allow people to stop and go, turn sharply down an aisle, and turn around completely with ease. Next time you’re out shopping, be sure to thank the shopping cart casters for making your life easier.


Speaking of making your life easier, imagine trying to transport hundreds of pounds at once. Dollies and hand-carts are perfect for achieving this task. While the steel or other sturdy material frame is important, think about how strong and rugged the casters must be to support everything.

Dolly casters must give operators the ability to stop easily to load and unload, as well as the ability to make sharp turns to fit into narrow spaces. Chances are that inventory you’re moving is expensive – getting reliable casters is like an insurance policy to keep your materials safe.


Homes, offices and other facilities around the world use all different kinds of chairs. Some are built for comfort while others are built for practical use. In any case, any rolling chair with wheels requires casters that allow it to achieve its desired actions.

Many chairs require swivel casters, giving you the ability to slide around in any direction needed. Swivel casters also can support chairs that recline to certain levels.


Yes, it may be obvious that carts have wheels. But, like other furniture, there are so many different types of carts – all of which need different casters to support them. Medical carts that transport equipment, materials, and even patients must be able to function at high speeds. Storage carts’ casters must be able to support heavy weights. There are even different types of casters designed specifically for select environments like freezers, rugged terrain outdoors and more.


Tables, being larger than other furniture in nature, are one of the toughest items to move efficiently. They are normally rectangular in shape and very difficult to fit into narrow spaces like hallways. Finding the right furniture casters is crucial. They must allow precision and total control. Table casters must also be able to withstand a lot of weight – the table itself plus whatever else is on top!

As you can see, manufacturers across many different industries rely on casters. Whether they need furniture casters, shopping cart casters, or anything in between, they need a durable, reliable product. Here at Allied Casters, every product we manufacture meets performance and safety standards – no matter where they’re being used.

Contact us today and we’ll help you pick the best caster that’s perfect for your needs.