Choosing The Right Lifting Tools & Equipment

Like in every industry, certain factors can greatly change the needs of your staff. While the purpose of a warehouse is fairly evergreen, the look, layout, requirements, and environment can be different in each unique location. Does your location require some type of lifting equipment; including hand trucks, hand winch, pallet jacks, pallet positioners, and scissor lift tables? If you do, then the environment, application, and even the safety impact on the users are all equally important. Here are some of the different kinds of lifting equipment available and the options to remember while ordering.

Pallet Jacks

The most basic style of forklift, a pallet jack (or pallet truck) is the most simplistic way to move pallets throughout a warehouse. They work on both heavy and light pallets. Depending on the types of pallets you will be using, you have options when it comes to both the width of the forks and the length:

Fork Width Options:

  • 21”
  • 27”

Fork Length Options:

  • 36”
  • 42”
  • 47.5”
  • 48”

Based on the average weight of your pallet load, Allied Caster and Equipment Co. has forklifts ranging from 4,000 – 5,500-pound maximum capacity. Interested in knowing that exact weight (or require it for order and tracking purposes)? Well, there is a forklift available that has a built-in scale to provide you that precise weight! [Pictured Right]

Another important feature for a pallet jack can be one that continues to rise as the load is reduced. Perfect for continued unloading so that your staff doesn’t need to repeatedly bend over and take a toll on their back. A pallet positioner is available to cover this kind of need, up to 1,100 pounds.

If you also don’t have any forklifts available and need to retrieve a pallet down from a rack, you can use a lite duty pallet master. This hand controlled unit can support up to 1,200 lbs and can extend as high a 60”.

Hand Winch

A hand winch is intended to raise a lower a platform as desired with an auto lock in place so that no pins or manual locks are needed. At Allied Casters and Equipment, we have 3 styles available:

  1. Ground Level model – Its lowered height goes fully to the ground, with its top height available up to 54”. Has a weight capacity of 750 lbs.
  2. Maneuverable model – Similar to the ground level model but includes 2 casters in the front for increased maneuverability. Lowered height of 5 ¾“ and top height of 54”. Weight capacity of 750 lbs.
  3. Gas Cylinder model – This unit is used specifically for moving gas cylinders, with a floor level lower height and a 40” max height, along with a 300 lb weight capacity.


Scissor Lift Tables

With the ability to cut down on workplace-related back injuries by up to 30%, scissor lift tables are a must if repeated unloading is required. With two styles available, there is an option that will fit your companies needs:

Max Weight – 660 lbs | Raised Height – 35” | Lowered Height – 10.75” | Control Options – Hand or Foot Controls
Max Weight – 660 lbs | Raised Height – 35” | Lowered Height – 10.75” | Control Options – Foot Controlled










No matter what item you are looking for or its desired application, the purpose will always boil down to a combination or ease and safety. Making things safer and more efficient for your staff will increase to high productivity and morale. For more information on what pieces of lifting equipment will fit your needs, be sure to contact us and we’d be happy to help you with that process.