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What’s the Difference Between Casters and Wheels

So, what exactly is the difference between casters and wheels? A question that routinely comes up in our world, especially among novice buyers. Though related, the difference is great, and it’s important to recognize each part’s function. In doing so, buyers and warehouse operators can better select the right wheels and casters for their companies, […]

The Importance of Drum and Dead Man’s Caster Brakes

At Allied Caster, our team is eager to provide our customers with the best experience and ensure a solutions-oriented product is provided each and every time. One way we do this is by helping our customers select the casters that are most appropriate for their needs – based on application, environment, usability, and cost. We’re […]

Maximize Efficiency and Worker Safety with the Amigo Dex

When trying to get your company to run smoothly, increasing efficiency and productivity should be at the top of your list. Increasing productivity while easing the burden on your employees is even more of a win-win situation. With material handling equipment like the Amigo Dex cart, your employees can have the similar functionalities of forklift, […]

How Casters Offer Better Warehouse Management and Improve Your Bottom Line

Imagine you’re a caveman pushing a big rock along bumpy terrain as you work to construct your man-made home to take shelter from the snowy weather and bitter elements. The development of the wheel was monumental in our world’s history. There’s a reason it is always listed as one of the single greatest inventions of […]

Curing a Case of the Shimmies: How to Diagnose and Treat Caster Flutter

the /shimm-ies/ Noun A disorder in which a cart begins a shaking motion, moving back and forth as a result of a problem with its casters Synonyms: fishtailing, fluttering You know what we’re talking about. When your cart begins that obnoxious shaking as you’re pushing it through the warehouse. And it’s so loud that your […]

The Ultimate Warehouse Checklist

Opening a warehouse or similar facility? Maybe you’re renovating your current warehouse? Perhaps you just want to brush up on your warehouse management knowledge. You’ve come to the right place. There are many things that come into play when building a warehouse checklist. This checklist (scroll down to download the PDF) focuses on four major […]

Reduce Work Stoppages & Downtime with These Five Tips

“Time is money” is the unspoken motto of businesses everywhere, but framed incorrectly, it can also be the antithesis of productivity and profit. When analyzing ways to boost manufacturing productivity, reducing work stoppages and downtime is the first place to look. Oftentimes, many hours are being wasted on tasks that should take much less time, […]

Colson Casters: Made in the USA and Made For You

Shopping for casters can be tricky. Customers typically think they know exactly what they need, but with so many brands and configurations available, that confidence can waver pretty quickly. Evaluating with an expert what size and style suit your environment, weight-capacity needs, and product type is the obvious next step, but taking a closer look […]

Choosing The Right Lifting Tools & Equipment

Like in every industry, certain factors can greatly change the needs of your staff. While the purpose of a warehouse is fairly evergreen, the look, layout, requirements, and environment can be different in each unique location. Does your location require some type of lifting equipment; including hand trucks, hand winch, pallet jacks, pallet positioners, and […]