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Part Number: PRE25605TZ-3E
Call to Order: 800-333-3422
Wheel Type: Hard Black Plastic Swivel / Rigid: Swivel
Wheel Diameter: 2.5" Swivel Radius: N/A
Tread Width: N/A Weight Capacity: 95 lbs
Wheel Bearing: N/A Overall Height: 3-1/8"
Plate Specs: N/A Bolt Holes:
Weight: N/A Additional Plate Sizes: N/A
Plates Offered:
Threaded Stem:
5/16"D X 3/4"L(18) #532
5/16"D X 1"L(18) - #507
5/16"D X 1 1/2"L(18) - #500
3/8"D X 1"L(16) - #634
3/8"D X 3/4"L - #637
3/8"D X 1 1/2"L - #605 (SHOWN)
1/2"D x 1 1/2"L(13) - #748
Optional Finish:
These casters range in capacities from 70lbs to 165lbs and come in 5 different sizes. They comes with a RoHS compliant zinc finish and double ball raceways for added load capacity. Used on institutional furniture, displays/fixtures, and material handling carts.