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Part Number: ACLS-RIR-0820-S-EC
Call to Order: 800-333-3422
Wheel Type: MOLDON RUBBER Swivel / Rigid: Swivel
Wheel Diameter: 8" Swivel Radius: 2 1/4"
Tread Width: 2" Weight Capacity: 500 LBS
Wheel Bearing: ROLLER Overall Height: 9 1/4 (=/- 1/16")
Plate Specs: N/A Bolt Holes:
Weight: N/A Additional Plate Sizes: N/A
Plates Offered:
1 3/8" dia x 3 3/4" long stem with a 7/16" diameter hole drilled 2 5/16" up from the top plate.
Optional Finish:
Swivel Lock and Brake are standard. Stepping on the brake handle simultaneously locks the wheel and swivel assembly. Legs are of 1/4" thick steel and are welded on both the inside and outside of the outer raceway.