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Part Number: ACGD-60F
Call to Order: 800-333-3422
Wheel Type: PLASTIC Swivel / Rigid: Swivel
Wheel Diameter: 2" Swivel Radius: N/A
Tread Width: 1 1/8" Weight Capacity: 550 (RECOMMENDED LOAD FOR 4 CASTERS-1,100 LBS
Wheel Bearing: N/A Overall Height: N/A
Plate Specs: 2 7/8" X 2 7/8" Bolt Holes: 2 9/32" X 2 9/32"
Weight: N/A Additional Plate Sizes: N/A
Plates Offered:
Optional Finish:
Foot Master's® unique multi functional casters provide for ease of movement and level setting, for a wide variety of machines, equipment, and work stations. Offering dual functions of excellent roll ability and a cost effective method of setting and leveling the unit, Foot Master® should be your first choice in advanced product design. FOOT MASTER IS RoHS COMPLIANT