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Part Number: AC4-8199-539
Call to Order: 800-333-3422
Wheel Type: Glass Filled Nylon Swivel / Rigid: Swivel
Wheel Diameter: 8" Swivel Radius: 6.5"
Tread Width: 2" Weight Capacity: 1250 lbs
Wheel Bearing: ROLLER / DELRIN / BALL Overall Height: 9.5"
Plate Specs: 4"x4.5" Bolt Holes: 3"x3"
Weight: 5.5lbs Additional Plate Sizes: N/A
Plates Offered:
Optional Finish:
Side & Tread Lock Brakes, Thread Guards, Swivel Locks, Swivel Seals

Great in Moderate Heat Ranges Can Be Submerged In Water