About Us/News

Allied Caster & Equipment Co. was established in the fall of 1989 with the goal of becoming a leading source for casters and non-powered material handling equipment.  The founders of the company had been trained by the best in the business, Colson Caster Corporation and used this knowledge to become on of the largest distributors of casters and wheels in the nation.  Allied Caster & Equipment Co. has grown from three employees in a 2400 square-foot facility to ten employees occupying a 14,000 square feet.  Based in the Carolinas,  Allied Caster has three salespeople covering both Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

"WE WORK HARD TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS" this is our mantra.  It is a phrase that is repeated time and again by the inside, and outside sales team.  Honesty, Integrity, and a Strong Work Ethic are some of the building blocks that form the foundation of this Company.  The employees at Allied Caster & Equipment Co. take great pride in never letting a customer go away feeling nothing less satisfied.                                               

This picture shows the vast inventory that Allied Caster & Equipment keep in stock.


The outside of our main warehouse in Charlotte, NC

Allied Caster & Equipment Co. supplies other items then casters and wheels.  We are a large distributor of the following items:

Handtrucks        Dock Equipment    Shelving

Pallet Jacks        Cantilever Rack      Conveyor

Allied Caster & Equipment Co. is in business to serve our customers with quality products, knowledgeable salespeople, on-time delivery and most importantly competitive pricing.